Op deze pagina staan alle bekende optredens/verschijningen van het onderwerp van het onderwerp.

Het is geen definitieve lijst dus vul gerust optredens/verschijningen in die er nog niet op staan.
(Dit sjabloom plaatst het artikel automatisch in Categorie:Optredens.)



In de VS

Recommended Readings:

All Appearances:

The following are in chronological order. Silver/Bronze/Modern/etc... are used to refer to when the bulk of the main story-arc was written, relevant flashbacks should be included in the appropriate chronological place. Reprints should not be listed (they clearly happen at the same time as the issue reprinted).

Pre-Silver Age[1]

Silver Age

Bronze Age

Modern Age

The 90s


  1. Note that pre-silver age is here used to refer to events that occur before Fantastic Four 1, the start of Marvel's superhero comics, and not actually before the Silver Age itself began (which would be called the Golden Age)

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