Journey into Mystery Vol 1 83.jpg

Journey Into Mystery featuring Thor
August 1962


Volume: Journey Into Mystery
Issue: 83
Month: August
Year: 1962


Plot: Stan Lee
Script: Larry Lieber
Pencilers: Jack Kirby
Inkers: Joe Sinnot
Letterer: Art Simek


Dr. Don Blake finds an ancient cane in a cave in Norway while running from aliens (stone men from Saturn). When pounding the cane into a boulder he transforms into the mighty Thor. After expermenting with his newfound powers, Thor chases the stone men from Saturn, who try to conquer Earth. Thor defeats them and their Mechano-monster.

Featured Character(s):
Supporting characters:
  • Gorr - First Appearance
  • Stone Men from Saturn - First Appearance
  • Mechano-monster - First Appearance


  • The story is subdivided into three chapters: Part 1 (no title), Part 2 "The power of Thor", Part 3 "Thor The Mighty strikes back!".
  • This is the first issue in which Dr. Don Blake transforms into Thor to fight evil.
  • Gorr is also a stone man from Saturn.


  • The hammer of Thor has the text "Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of...Thor" carved on its head.
  • When Blake pounds the ancient cane once he transforms into Thor. When stamping the hammer once he reverts back to Blake again. When stamping the hammer twice he can create rain, snow, or even a tornado. To end his weather creations he has to stamp three times.
  • The Stone Men from Saturn use illusions to defeat the earthly military forces. The land in Norway, but are battled by NATO forces.

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