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Volume: 1
Issue: 100
Month: April
Year: 1991


Editor in Chief: Tom DeFalco
Editors: Bob Harras
Writers: Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza
Cover Artists: Rob Liefeld
Pencilers: Rob Liefeld
Inkers: Rob Liefeld
Colourists: Brad Vancata
Letterers: Joe Rosen


"The End of the Beginning"

The New Mutants hear battle noises in the Danger Room. They go check it out, and find a mysterious warrior destroying their equipment. None of the team knows the brutal warrior, so they attack him. It’s a hard battle, but Cable eventually manages to defeat the man. Later in the infirmary, the man introduces himself as Shatterstar. He traveled back in time to find the X-Men, to ask them defeat Mojo and Spiral. The team is once more attacked, this time by Imperial Protectorates, sent to kill Shatterstar. Eventually, they are all killed. Later, when Boom-Boom goes to fetch something to eat, she finds Feral in the kitchen! The two fight, and the New Mutants come to the rescue. Feral explains that she’s being hunted by Masque and his goons, who want to start a world with the surface world. But she herself doesn’t want a part in it, which isn’t to Masque’s liking. The New Mutants believe her and, after Cable kills Brute, Masque and Hump get the point and leave. After some rest and a shower, Cable gathers the team for a talk. Everyone agrees that they are no longer safe. Cable explains that Shatterstar, Warpath and Feral have all agreed to join the team in return for some help. He suggests they move away from the bunker, since they are no longer safe now. After a discussion, everyone agrees and they depart. Elsewhere, Stryfe returns to his troops, the Mutant Liberation Front, where he dispatches a small task force to do some damage. After that, he thinks about the coming war, which is going slower than he would like. He takes off his helmet, and is revealed to be… Cable?!




  • X-Mansion




  • 2nd printing is gold metallic enhanced cover and 3rd printing is silver metallic enhanced
  • Last issue for volume 1 of the series. The team is next found as X-Force.


  • Shatterstar reveals he is from another planet ruled by Mojo


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  • X-Force #1 - Follow the ongoing stories of the New Mutant members

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